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Some R&R

Door: Jelle

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27 Juni 2004 | Verenigde Staten, Washington, D. C.

Hi All,

After 7 days of cycling I'm in Salida, Colorado. Some of the days were quite tough.

On day 3 I reached the highest point on the Great Divide Mountainbike Route 11,910 feet. It was cold and cloudy, but later I had better views. There was some snow, but not on the roads, so no trouble there.

Fortunately I was on high altitude before I got to the top of Indiana Pass, I had to do only 2000 feet. The downhill was about 4000 feet!!! That was nice, but the road wasn't really, too big gravel.......I really should have a proper mountainbike for that.

When camping you notice the altitude because of the cool/cold weather. The night before I climbed Marshall Pass (just before Salida) my tent had ice on it. But sleeping is no problem, I maybe even like it better in cold weather.

Not too much trouble on the roads yet, but as I'm getting used to on all my cycling trips I broke a spoke (ofcourse a spoke of the backwheel and on the right side...)

I have all the equipment to replace the spoke, so I did! But I couldn't make the wheel really straight.....Not too big of a problem, but now I am more careful during downhills.

In Salida I went to a bike shop, where they trued my wheel. Further I arranged a rafting trip which I will do the 28th. I hope I will find a place soon where I can put some pictures on the site. At the library here they don't have the correct drivers for my hard disk or my camera.

It will be three days cycling from here to get to the area of Breckenridge, where I plan to stay for a couple of days to see Leadville and do some mountainbiking without all the gear on the bike.

Tot meels!!!


  • 28 Juni 2004 - 14:40


    What is R&R????
    Right or Wrong or Right or Left?
    We enjoy reading your R&R

  • 28 Juni 2004 - 16:09


    Keep it going! Calzone's are still tasting fine! Any calzone there???

  • 28 Juni 2004 - 17:35

    Sytse Teppema:

    Bedankt Jelle, weer voor je gezellige mailtje!
    Leuk om zo je ervaringen te mogen lezen!Je fiets doet het gelukkig weer begrijp ik. Groetjes Sytse en de rest!

  • 28 Juni 2004 - 18:08

    John En Mariandl:

    You're sending messages faster than we're able to respond. Looking forward to the new pictures!!
    See ya later gator

  • 29 Juni 2004 - 16:43


    Hallo Jelle

    Leuk om weer iets van je te horen. Het gaat gelukkig goed met je. Het is een hele ervaring deze mooie reis. Groetjes Jean

  • 01 Juli 2004 - 13:47


    Hoi Jelle,

    Ik heb even door de foto's gebladerd, wat een uitgestrekt gebied zeg!

    By the way, ben je email-adres kwijt. Stuur mij anders ff een mailjte dan stuur ik even een update uit het amsterdamse.

    Groeten en good luck

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