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Almost in Colorado

Door: Jelle

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18 Juni 2004 | Verenigde Staten, Washington, D. C.

After Grants it was about seven days of cycling through the wilderness of New Mexico.

I joined a couple I met in Silver City and now again in Grants. It was really nice to see that we all had a similar speed, so we didn't have to wait for eachother for too long.

The first two days were in a semi desert kind of wilderness. A lot of sand, also on the road.......quite hard cycling with all the gear.

In two days we made it to Cuba (small town, without campsite but with very good Mexican restaurant) First day we cycled around 40 miles, second day was 62 miles.....We earned our dinner at the restaurant.
There we met a group of students who were cycling (on road bicycles) from Austin (Texas) to Anchorage (Alaska). They are raising money for the American Cancer Society (see They could sleep in a church and we could get a place to sleep there as well!!!

After Cuba we cycled trough forests, most of the time it was uphill, reaching the 10.000 feet altitude. Also camping on high altitude is great, cool temperatures......good for sleeping.

On day 7 we cycled on a ridge at 10.000feet altitude. We had to cross snow on the road once!!!

This day I said goodbye to the Dutch couple. It was really nice cycling with them, but at a certain time you need to go on your own. I will see them when I get back in NL.

I do a small detour now and went off route to get to Chama, where there is an old railroad through the mountains. So relaxing a bit after 7 days of cycling (+300 miles)

See ya


  • 19 Juni 2004 - 07:55

    Sytse Teppema:

    Hoi Jelle,
    Het moet erg mooi geweest zijn daar in de bossen van New Mexico! De foto's die je ons weer hebt toegestuurd zijn zeer mooi! Tussen ( ) wat voor toestel gebruik je Jelle?
    Fraaie foto's joh! Hoe staat het met de conditie van je mooie fiets? Zeker omdat je erg veel over zanderige wegen/paden fietst?! We horen het tegen die tijd wel.
    Beste Jelle, wij gaan strakjes met onze Douwe een dagje naar de Efteling, momenteel regent het ook pijpenstelen! Welkom!
    Alweer de groetjes vanuit Oosterhout. Doei Sytse

  • 19 Juni 2004 - 09:19


    Hi Jelle
    Nice dirt roads and views. Keep on moving, we like it!
    gr. from Leiden

  • 20 Juni 2004 - 23:44


    Mooie foto's!!!
    Je ziet er trouwens heel goed uit!!!
    Veel plezier!!!

  • 27 Juni 2004 - 11:36


    Hoi Broer,
    Mooie foto's weer zeg! Erg gaaf ook wat je mee maakt en dat je zulke leuke contacten op doet.
    Geniet er van!
    Groetjes van je zus.

  • 28 Juni 2004 - 18:04

    John En Mariandl:

    You're starting to look like a seasoned traveller!
    Pictures are awesome and I guess you are collecting a lot of stories to tell once you're back. Have fun!!!

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