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Nog meer Nationale Parken

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16 Mei 2004 | Verenigde Staten, Washington, D. C.

Daar ben ik weer!!!

Now I start writing in English.

I met so many nice people here in the US that I have to start writing in English.

In Escalante I did a hike to see some petrified forest. Beautiful colors!!!

I met Bernie at three different campsites. Also in Escalante. Quite amazing, since he is with a car and I'm with my bike.

Going to Kodachrome Basin State Park I had to do some climbing. It wasn't to bad. But I noticed the road was becoming more busy. (Bryce must have been the reason for that)

It was a beautiful place. I did some cycling without my gear, which is really nice for a change.

I'm still taking pictures as if I'm a Japanese tourist, but that's OK I think, since it is so beautiful, and if I don't like the picture, I will just get rid of it.

Bryce was really amazing, but it was also relatively busy, too many busses with tourists. Even people with nametags.....

Since I'm at a higher elavation it is becoming colder. There's also chance of snow.... So I have to keep going. In direction of Cedar City, where I will try to meet up with some people of Servas (the organisation I joined to meet people)

Via one adress I got another telephone number of people that joined recently.
That was very nice. Now sunday 16th of May I'm with these nice people for 3 days already. The reason is that I could join them on a rafting trip!!! That was awesome. In a "duckie" (small one person sort of kayak") we did some nice rapids, with a group of 11 people (students of SUU)

Plan is to go to Zion on Monday. But I will use an alternative kind of transport as well. I want to see a lot, but have not enough time to get through all of Arizona in time. So I will rent a car.............
but will cycle of course to keep in shape.

I will keep you posted of course if I see some nice things (Grand Canyon and Monument Valley)

See you


  • 16 Mei 2004 - 21:23


    Thank's for your last mail with beautiful pictures!!

  • 17 Mei 2004 - 06:37


    Hi Jelle

    What a beautifull pictures made. It is realy a nice surrounding you have been cylcing through.
    Have a lot of fun during you're trip through Arizona.

  • 17 Mei 2004 - 16:11

    Mum And Dad!!!!:

    Thank you for your telephone call one hour ago.
    We are happy that you are happy!!

  • 17 Mei 2004 - 17:09


    Fantastic Shots!!!

    Is the language the reason that your story became longer or is there more exiting news to tell.

    Keep on going in biking and writing.

  • 17 Mei 2004 - 19:01


    Sounds and looks good!
    Have fun ;-)

  • 20 Mei 2004 - 10:01



    I read you are enjoying yourself. Very good!
    Don't forget to pass by Sedona (Ariz) and her surroundings: very impressive red rock!

    I am already curious of your next message.


    ps: almost promoted in HT ;-)

  • 20 Mei 2004 - 16:34

    Epke En Oma:

    Hi Jelle!
    Je Oma je naast me hier in Houten. Het is op het ogenblik Hemelvaartsdag. We zijn dus allemaal vrij, oma dus ook!
    Ze vond je gemaakte foto's fantastisch. Ik ook, Krijg ook weer die fiets kriebels! Je Engels is overigens perfekt. We wensen je heel veel fietsplezier toe!

    groetjes Oma en Epke

  • 22 Mei 2004 - 20:50


    Many greetings

  • 23 Mei 2004 - 11:58

    Jogchum Kooi:

    Hoi Jelle
    Enjoy your trip. We've visited that area more than 15 years ago and we appreciated it very much.

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