Less than 1000 miles on the route to go - Reisverslag uit Washington, D. C., Verenigde Staten van Jelle de Rooij - WaarBenJij.nu Less than 1000 miles on the route to go - Reisverslag uit Washington, D. C., Verenigde Staten van Jelle de Rooij - WaarBenJij.nu

Less than 1000 miles on the route to go

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22 Juli 2004 | Verenigde Staten, Washington, D. C.

A new message from the Dutch cyclist.

I got through the Great Divide Basin!!! I survived the very dry place.

Although it is very dry, there is a reservoir after 55 miles of cycling, where I could filter water for the next day. At that spot I also camped.

The second day was the toughest. 68 miles with mostly headwinds. And to correct something I've written last time : it is not really flat......
It took me 9 hours and 22 minutes to cycle the 68 miles.......an average of 7.3 miles per hour........
But I survived, also because I met a man that gave me 2 bottles of Gatorade (almost 2 liters extra "power") That was so good!!!

Day 3 I had to cycle ten miles to get to Atlantic City (no gambling there). It was a very small town, but it had a restaurant. I had to wait more than a hour before they served any meals, but I met two other cyclists there! They were doing the section from Pinedale to Salida, and did some other sections the last 6 years!!!
This day was only 47 miles, but the headwinds made sure it was a long day.

I met 4 other cyclists going south on a beautifull spot on the Divide.

Day 4 it was another 53 miles to get to Pinedale, a town with a library to get onto the internet. Out of the 53 only 19 were unpaved, so it was a relatively easy day. Still some headwinds, but not as bad as before. This day was a almost flat day. Quit some different views as well, sorry no pictures this time...

Pinedale has a nice restaurant/brewery again.
Talking about beer. The answer is indeed a beer from the New Belgium Brewery.

I didn't think anyone would really search the internet for finding an answer!!!! Good stuff!

The winners are John and Mariandl!!!

Winner of what? I don't know yet. But I'll think of something (probably beer....)

NB you can't enlarge the pictures that I put onto the internet.

Today 22nd of July is a day of rest : barbershop/salon, cleaning the bicycle, and eating something else then pasta and tortilla's!!!
Icecream for instance....

See ya

and thanks for all the reactions and enjoy your holidays


  • 22 Juli 2004 - 18:07

    Bindert En Willy:

    Ha die Jelle,
    We genieten elke keer weer van je geweldige verhalen. Gisteren is hier de zomer begonnen lijkt het. Eindelijk wat hogere temperaturen. De groetjes van Bindert en Willy

  • 24 Juli 2004 - 09:46


    Ook van ons bedankt voor je verslagje Jelle! En schitterende foto's! Tussen ( ) Jelle, ik kan inmiddels de foto's weer maximaliseren op m'n PC!
    Groetjes uit Oosterhout

  • 24 Juli 2004 - 15:00


    Nice to see you in close-up. You look good even after the trip through the basin; so we are very happy!
    Love from Purmerend

  • 02 Augustus 2004 - 00:05


    Had dinner with you on the trail, really bad spaghetti. Keep up the good work.

  • 02 Augustus 2004 - 13:31


    Jelle, Oma vraagt om een echte ansichtkaart uit de US!
    Via de printer kan ze jou goed volgen.Ze vindt jou niet erg op je foto's lijken vooral je closeup's!
    Goeie reis verder!!!!

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